Day 2: Yoga Teacher Training: Withdrawals and facing the fear of failure

Day 2: Withdrawals and facing the fear of failure.

Ok, so today I’m freaking out,
Yup ok, today it’s tough,
And it ain’t just the lack of coffee,
As to why I’m feeling so rough!

Not sure I know my head,
From my big toe,
Not even sure what it is,
That I’m supposed to know!

Taught some asna flows today,
Sun salutation A & B,
So simple to me yesterday,
And today I can barely breath!

Learning to preach often,
And preach sometimes with words..
To talk less and listen more,
Ensure my class members are heard.

And onto the posture asna cues,
There is so much to learn,
And when u do that pose right,
You REALLY feel the burn!

Don’t forget to tuck your tailbone,
And relax yours shoulders & neck…
Remembering all the cues at once,
Was harder than I would expect!

So closing my learning today,
Teaching sun salutation A&B,
I’ve learned I can’t remember anything,
Somebody help me!!

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Want to know where I qualified in my 200HR Teacher Training? It was here @ Hot Power Yoga: 

Ask for Dylan, tell him I sent you, he is a miracle worker!

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