A healing Yogini: An Unexpected Appendix Removal

An Unexpected Appendix Removal

Sitting in bed,

Thinking ‘what is this motion?’

What made me sick?

What kind of potion?


I think it’s just wind,

Something trapped inside,

But all night I felt,

Like I was going to die!


The next morning at 8 am,

It had been 11 hours of pain,

And I realised then,

That this was kinda strange.


Something was up,

And it wasn’t good,

So I went down town,

To the doctor in my hood.


He sent me straight to hospital,

So I caught the tube,

I walked into emergency,

My stomach in contuse.


‘I need a doctor!’

I said to the nurse,

‘Go take a seat.’

She said well rehearsed.


So I waited and saw a nurse,

Number one, two and three…

‘How long would it be,

Until a doctor saw me?’


Then they came in,

In white coats and  glasses,

They poked me a few times,

And between them they mastered.


‘Yup, it’s your appendix,

We will take it out today,

Here are the risks,

What do you say?’


‘Wow, I’m in shock’

I started to cry,

And then the surgeons and doctors,

All rolled their eyes.


‘You’ll be ok,

It’ll be over in a flash,

Imagine it’s like driving – it usually goes well,

But rarely there’s a crash!’


So soon I was undressed,

And placed on the operating table,

Gassed with a mask,

And out my appendix through my navel.


So that was it!

Over in less than 24 hours,

Pain, diagnosis, operation, now recovery,

A turn-around to aspire!


So, great poem mate, but now how do I know if I have appendicitis? What did it feel like?

Well, all I can say it initially felt like bad wind or indigestion. But it did not pass all night. It started around 9PM after I had dinner and continued all through night. I didn’t get much sleep.

The pain was originally around the whole stomach, and in the morning it became concentrated to the right side of the lower abdomen. I tired massaging along the colon as some websites suggested and this was quite painful so I stopped.

So some things to look for to flag appendicitis / appendix issues I have listed below (based on my experience):

  1. Pain in the lower right of the abdomen
  2. Pain when lifting your right knee to your chest (pain in the lower right abs)
  3. Pain when doing jumping jacks
  4. Pain when coughing
  5. Pain all over stomach, then over hours moving to the right lower side
  6. Having stomach pain for over 12 hours! Go to a doctor, this is not normal!

What happened before the operation?

I was diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis for immediate removal.

The Surgeon told me I was getting  laparoscopic surgery which would entail little cameras inserted into my stomach through three small incisions. He said if there was any issues, it could need to be open surgery which would mean a larger scar down near my bikini line.

The doctors gave me the options of what might happen in surgery:

  1. We might go in and find nothing
  2. We might go in and find appendicitis, and we will then remove it (this is what happened)
  3. We might find a cyst on the ovaries. If this is the case, we will remove it. If we need to remove the whole ovary we will wake you up and ask you.

….and they also explained the risks of surgery:

  1. There could be infection inside or in the wound post-operation (OK, that’s standard, right?)
  2. Internal bleeding after surgery (OK now I’m starting to freak)
  3. We could damage your internal organs, we will fix them if this happens (Geez, thanks mate!)
  4. You could rupture after surgery and need draining afterwards (Jesus save me!!)

Yup, I was shitting myself!

What happened after the operation?

PAINNNNN!!! (Don’t be a hero, just take the bloody pain killers!)

Yup, I just had an umbilical hernia operation done in December last year, and it was no-where near as painful as this post-op. I think it is also the fact the pain doesn’t stop for such a long time… The level is not so bad in isolation, but it does continue for a long time which gets hard as sleeping is difficult. Again, dont be a hero – take the pain killers!!

Let’s start on the day of the op: Tuesday

The first day in hospital is fine as you are coming down off the anaesthetic and morphine. I stayed one night in hospital in a drug infused bliss… No complaints.

The next day: Day 2: Wednesday

I was well enough to go home the following day so I was released in the early afternoon. Pain was about a 7 out of 10, but I was on 2 Tramadol every 4 hours so it was manageable. You NEED someone to pick you up from hospital as you are really off your face. You also can’t lift anything. Not even yourself out of bed properly. You can feel all your internal organs have had a shuffle and your stomach is SUPER bloated and painful. So make sure you have someone to look after you the first day at home at least. OUCH!!


Day 3: Thursday

This was by far the worst day. Pain became 8 or 9 out of 10. Tramadol was barely touching the sides. I was given a laxative to take home with me (to have 2 x a day) as I was taking hard pain killers and a side effect is getting blocked up. But I noticed when I took the laxative in the morning I had AWFUL pain, and also in the evening when I had the laxative again I was in agony. So once I stopped taking the laxative they prescribed I felt much better. It was making my insides churn and I can’t tell you how painful it was. My advice would be wary of laxatives in the first few days!!

Day 4: Friday

Ok, I am dizzy and a bit light headed. But I have had no pain killers at all today and I feel ok. Just some panadol is keeping me going. I am able to sit up in bed and write this blog so I am at a reasonable mental level. I know now you want to know about the scar… Well I haven’t looked at it yet. I am too scared. All I can see is there are thee incisions where they have gone into me.

My lovely man changed my dressings later that day and the damage was actually not bad at all! Three adhesive bandages can easily cover the incisions into the abdomen. They do a good job these days!


One week on:

Feeling better mentally and physically one week on. I am able to focus on daily tasks without a foggy mind, carry light things and walk down the street without feeling like I will pass out.


As far as the scars, they are not too bad. I have three – one above the belly bottom, to the side right of my abdomen in the image and one in the centre down near the bikini line. I have Bio Oil on them every day and hope they fade. I am still not able to do any ab movements without pain, but I am do most everyday living tasks effectively


Good luck to those getting it done – it’s not too bad 🙂

I say at least one week before going back to a desk job (work from home second week if you can) and I will leave it a 4-6 weeks before hard exercise and heavier lifting.

Om Shanti

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