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Break the loop Interview on my Training: October 2015

Grokker London: ‘A blog to watch’ December 2015

Watch my RPM Instructor Vimeo video here! (2012)


I’m a country Aussie girl who grew up on a vineyard in the Australian outback. I was ever active; chasing chickens, riding horses, rehabilitating injured wildlife and running around the farm.

When I started university in Melbourne, Australia, I started going to the gym for the first time and experimenting with weights and using gym machinery. Between doing a year of University on exchange in California, completing a 3 month Working Abroad Program in Poland and back-packing around Europe for a year, I finally finished my degree in International Business. From here I got my first Graduate job in Marketing and immediately started studying on the side to become a Personal Trainer. I loved Marketing to be my job to make money, but something always drew my passion towards the fitness industry and helping others.

After completing a full Personal Training Certificate, I opened my own Boot Camp Business on the side from full-time work (Cruch Fitness), but soon realised this was not my passion. From here I trained to become a Les Mills RPM Instructor (indoor cycling) and absolutely loved it. It gave me the flexibility to teach people Group Fitness and inspire changes in others, whilst not effecting my progression as a Marketing professional.

Years later I got into Yoga. Initially, I was interested in meditation, and this is what eventually brought me to Yoga. I used to think Yoga was too easy, and ‘if I wasn’t sweating and hurting, I wasn’t working hard enough’. But after numerous incidents of over-training, burn-outs, injuries, constant colds etc, I soon learned I needed to listen to my body more, and Yoga was the perfect medium. Not only have I gotten the body I always strived for in the gym, I have a mentality that has made me happier and mentally healthier than ever before.

I’m an ex-party girl, fashionista, city slicker, pretentious partier… I’ve been on a path to find my authentic self and it’s been a long one. From coming from humble country roots and being innocent and pure, I have partied my way through most of the biggest festivals around the globe. I have travelled to more countries than I can count, and I have taken risks along the way and lived to tell the tale. I am here now, and for the first time I am seeing the world with open eyes.  I want to share this with others. Because I am so grateful I have been able to find myself and make peace with the inner conflict that was tearing myself apart. This is true Yoga.



  • First Aid and CPR: Completed yearly
  • October 2015: 200 HR Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • June 2014: Les Mills RPM AIM 1 Advanced Instructor Module
  • August 2011: Less Mills RPM Module Trainin. Trained to teach Les Mills RPM Group Fitness classes
  • 2010 Personal Training Certificate @ Australian Institute of Fitness: Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid, CPR and Master Trainer L1
  • 2004 – 2007 : Bachelor of Business – Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Australia. Majors: Marketing and International Business.

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