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“Health and Fitness is a passion for me, and teaching brings me a satisfaction that I cannot explain. But training hard and maintaining results whilst living in London – juggling a busy job, international travel and an active a social life is tough. But how I see it is we make time for our priorities, and for me, being active and healthy is a huge priority in my life and also puts me in the social circles of wonderful vibrant people.”

Break the loop, a fabulous fitness, health and wellness blog interviewed me recently as part of their London athletes piece. I was so excited to be asked to take part.

You can read the whole interview here @ Break The Loop.

From 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday you will find me working as Marketing Project Manager at a small pharmaceutical company, flying around Europe. But what really defines me is what I do in my personal time. I teach 3 early morning Spin / RPM classes per week before work, and also teach Hot Power Yoga on a weekends. I am a fitness fanatic, health freak, nutrition nut… I love travelling, camping, cycling, roller blading, mountain climbing, trekking in the country… You name it and I will do it!

Some of the topics you will read about in the Break The Loop interview are; my favourite outdoor and indoor spaces to train in London, best hidden gems around London to train and to refuel, best workouts, favourite workout buddies, current fitness addictions, what motivates me, my goals and how I can juggle everything in this crazy treadmill of life! Get on it and read it.

‘ So my theory is love what you do, and you will do it often! If you do it often, you’ll see the benefits that it has on your body and mind, and you’ll become addicted to that feeling …For me, it’s just my life, like breathing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would suggest trying lots of new fitness things, whatever toots your horn … You will eventually find your calling and stick to it!’

Om Shanti Peeps

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