Meditation & Favourite Techniques


Meditation can be a medicine, a way to focus and sharpen the mind, to solve inner conflict, approach deep seeded beliefs, help you sleep better and to increase performance.

So why aren’t you doing it?

Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think to incorporate a bit into your life!

Here are some of my favourite meditation techniques, starting with ‘Healing Light Meditation.’ These take only 5-10 minutes, and if you do these every day you will start to reap the benefits that science is showing we receive from meditating in our busy Western lives.

Do remember – the aim of meditation is NOT to fall asleep. But instead, to draw attention to your inner thoughts. Furthermore, you can never stop the human mind from thinking. It is a common misconception that meditation is to ‘stop’ the mind from having thoughts. On the contrary, meditation is used to quieten the mind and be a passive observer of your inner dialogue and thoughts.

Out aim is to observe, to not identify, but instead watch them like a movie and let them pass by you without attachment. Kind of like if you were sitting on a park bench and watching people pass by you without speaking to them.

Most importantly – don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you are ‘doing it wrong’, we all drift off into our thoughts at time-to-time! It it absolutely human to do this! Just gently bring yourself back to your breath without judgement. Tell whatever thought you have that you will dedicate some time to deal with it after this meditation, and then place it to the side and return to your practice.

Healing Light Meditation

Lay down on your back or be seated in a position that you will find comfortable for the next 5-10 minutes (or more if you are up for it!). Hands rest gently to your sides.

Once you are here, concentrate on your breath. Breath deep into your abdomen.

Now imagine a white healing light start to shine down from above. See the light start to shine down into your third eye (the point between your eyes) and then start to fill your third eye with warm, healing white light.

From here, with every inhale, imagine breathing in more white light as is starts to fill each section of your body in the order as listed below. Take note any dark patches in the body or any areas that are in need of healing – make sure you breath in even more white light to these areas. What can also help is to imagine breathing out dark light with your exhale, and imagine the sickness moving out of your body, making room for more white light:

Body rotation order:

(Doesn’t need to be exactly in this order, just work your way as fast or as slow as you need down your body, spend more time in areas needing healing)

Third eye, crown of the head and back of the head, nose and temples, mouth and chin, neck, shoulders, chest and upper back, abdomen and lower-back, hips, pelvis and glutes, thighs and hamstrings, kneecaps, shin and calf, ankles, front of the feet and back of the feet, all toes together.


Heart Opening Meditation

This meditation is for those who feel their heart is closed or blocked. For people who may have trouble falling in love with others and even themselves.

Lay down in a comfortable position (perhaps before you go to bed). Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.

Bring attention to the sensation of the breath entering your nostrils and filling your lungs with fresh oxygen (continue this breath concentration for 10 -20 relaxed breaths).

Bring attention to the rise and fall of your abdomen and chest as you inhale (continue this breath concentration for 10 -20 relaxed breaths).

Now bring attention to your own heart. See if you can feel the beating of your own heart inside your chest. (continue for 10-20 relaxed breaths). Maybe you can even slow that heart rate down with your own mind? Have a play, this is fun!

Now imagine a white beaming light coming down from the sky. Imagine this light shining onto your heart, filling your heart with white light and then spreading all through your body.

See your heart start to shine a brilliant colour (take notice the colour and write it down after the meditation).

Now imagine any dark light that may be inside your heart. Now there is no more space for darkness there, so it starts to pouring out of your body and exiting through your nose on each exhale. This will make more space for the light to fill your heart. Keep breathing until all the pain/ darkness has left your heart.

Now after this exercise, take notice the colour of your heart again and remember it. Notice if it is difference?

Lastly, spend a few minutes thinking about all the loved ones in your life and say to yourself:

 “I am loved”

“I am ready to give and receive love”

“I have space for even more love in my life”

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