Gauntlet Games 2016

Crossing over to the other side

*** It’s gladiator time ***



So I’m back this year,

At the Gauntlet Games,

4 weeks after surgery,

You might think I’m insane!


But I couldn’t miss this,

I couldn’t sit this out,

I just wanted to be here,

To laugh, scream and shout!


And I’m glad that I made it,

So glad I still made the cut,

Because all these gladiators,

Look all so very tough!


So yes, this year is is different,

But some things are still the same,

I’ve got some new Gladiator kit,

But the excitement is still insane!


I’m still having fun,

I’m still getting fit,

I’m still smiling lots,

I’m still giggling in fits.


This time I’m on the other side,

A warrior waiting on call,

I’m there screaming at you,

I’m there throwing that ball…


I’m there egging you on,

Into the ‘Bowling Gauntlet’ cave,

Where Spartacus is waiting inside,

You betterbe feeling brave!


If you dodge through the giant balls,

And get through all the hoops,

You might meet that gladiator,

To give you a fright and a boot!


I saw runners dressed as superman,

Spiderman, Snow White and the like,

And I think I saw two Oompa Loompas,

My gosh what a sight!


Everyone was giggling,

and playing as a team,

Especially facing the Gladiators,

When we looked so very mean!


So if you are you still wondering,

If this obstacle race is for you,

Then ask if you like mixing fitness and fun,

If so, this the best one to do!


So go book your ticket,

For the next Gauntlet Games,

Because I promise you,

You’ll be so glad you came!


Travel Yoga Bunni

Click here for Gauntlet Games Website

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