Gauntlet Girls @ the Gauntlet Games, London

Gauntlet Girls

@ the GAUNTLET GAMES, London

Gauntlet Girls warm the Gladiators

Ever wanted to do an obstacle course run but been a bit scared off by all the stories of electrocuting wires and lethal ice water drops? Well maybe you should try the Gauntlet Games …. Because this particular run is absolutely NOT scary, and is totally SO MUCH FUN!! It will get you hooked and wanting more. I was a virgin to this kind of thing in 2015, but as my best mate signed me up, I gave it a go.

And I tell you what? I BLOODY LOVED IT!

The best thing is, this event is for all fitness levels. You don’t need to be an Iron Man to take part. You can do 5k or 10k and take it at your own pace. This is NOT a race, it’s a team effort, so get a group together and have some fun by helping each other through it! If you want to treat it like a race, you can, but that’s not the vibe. It’s more about having fun together outdoors.

The other best thing is THE PRICE! It’s way more affordable and not as crammed as the other obstacle races around London. So get in now whilst it’s still awesome and small. It has a great community vibe, without the massive lines!!

Besides, at the end of the day there is nothing like getting down and dirty in the mud to create some bonding between colleagues or friends! What other chance do you have in London to run around in the forest and climb obstacles, dodge gladiators, wrestle warriors, run through a giant bubble baths, skid your way down giant slip-and-slides and climb tyre walls? This is an adults playground, and you honestly don’t know how much you missed this until you start doing it again!

Gauntlet Girls take on the foam Gauntlet Girls Victory Pose

Keep checking this blog for suggested workouts for training, FREE tickets and even more cool stuff!

So what now?

So you are now totally convinced, you have signed up, you’ve signed your mates up (very important)… And now you are ready to race? Great! So now what?

This is a short list of things to take along with you:

  • Baby wipes – bring loads! It gets messy.
  • A clean towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle (some rehydration satchels are also really handy!)
  • A fresh pair of clothes, shoes and socks (make sure its warm stuff!!)
  • Water and a snack for after the games
  • Old clothes, this is not a fashion show! Anything you wear, be prepared to throw out after. Use old trainers, old long pants (I used a pair of my old SKINS and they were great).
  • I would advise wearing a pair of cycling or weights gloves too. These were absolutely priceless!
  • A Babysitter: take someone who wouldn’t mind coming along but not running (basically, you need someone to babysit your stuff whilst you run around the course hehe – boyfriends, girlfriends, mums, dads etc)

Gauntlet Girls Get your Game on

See you soon for the race guys!

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<<To be continued… Watch this space>>


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