Gearing Up 4 Yoga Teacher Training


Welcome to my yoga journey,
Welcome to my path,
I hope it teaches you a thing or two,
And it makes you laugh!

I will document my journey,
To become a yoga instructor,
I’ll include all my victories,
And of course my blunders.

I’ll give you all my tips,
On being a modern yogi,
Surviving corporate business travel,
Whilst maintaining a yoga body…

I’m not some yoga guru,
I’m normal just like you,
Only one day I woke up and realized,
This is what I wanna do!

So come and watch me progress,
Or come and watch me fall,
Coz either way it’ll be entertaining,
Come one, come two, come all!

So check out some yoga poses,
And come and get some tips,
Keep watching for my posts,
And hit that “love” button to bits!
Om Shanti Peeps
Travel Yoga Bunni

Want to know where I qualified in my 200HR Teacher Training? It was here @ Hot Power Yoga: 

Ask for Dylan, tell him I sent you, he is a miracle worker!

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